The Invisibles

We’re glad that you found us. We’ve been looking for you. We believe that you can help us - because you know what we want to find out: What is it like living without papers?

Without a passport, without identification, without health insurance? With no protection, no work permit and no lease agreement? The authorities say that you are not allowed to be in this country. They say that you are illegal.

We know that you are not alone. There are many people that live like you - millions of people in Europe. We want to know how you are doing here. Who helps you? Who is against you? How do you feel about living in this country? What do you wish for?

Please fill out our questionnaire. We want to show the Europeans that you exist. We want to shed light upon your problems and remind the politicians of your human rights. They should apply to everyone, including you of course. You can help us by answering our questions. Your answers are confidential and anonymous, we promise.

You can also help us if you know the story of an Invisible and can answer the questions for them.

We are CORRECT!V, the first non-profit newsroom in Germany. In case of questions, you can contact us at any time under: 0171 846 21 95 or 0163 510 54 79.

More than one answer possible

How was your trip to Europe? How are your kids? What kind of people have you met? What have been difficult situations? How is your health?

We would love to have your email address so we can eventually contact you for further stories and questions. We also want to provide you with the results of our research. Of course we will keep your data safe and anonymous.